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My artist journey has changed BIG TIME!!

Yes no longer do I figure things out, think obscure and whimsical things that not many can affiliate with, no longer do I make art just for the sake of making art.

I serve a higher purpose and you will find our on here as I progress with trying out my Prototype Project. As Ann Rea says “Progress not perfection”. She’s amazing. Her mission to give back power to the artists rather than to galleries and tax avoiding investors and collectors. Giving genuine emotional connections in the artworks for collectors is far more potent financially and artist reputation, rather than hanging work up in the hope someone will want to buy some art done by an artist.

The course means you have to have a mindset shift. And Ann takes you through every step. It’s called ”Making Art Making Money” and it’s amazing!!! There’s an article link here to my write up of what I came to realise on the course.
And I am part of The New Creative Class led by Ann Rea Inc: Making Art Making Money this is what she and we stand for:
The New Creative Class
1. We don’t just show our art. We sell our art.

2. We don’t just dream of success.  We plan for success.

3. We don’t donate or discount our art. We get paid.

4. We don’t sell goods or services. Our product is emotion.

5. We don’t use sleazy sales tactics. We inspire.

6. We don’t compete with other artists. We create unique value.

7. We don’t enter contests. We celebrate our tribe.

8. We don’t sell ourselves. We serve our mission.


find out for yourself how amazing life as an artist can be!!!