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The lorry, a prominent factor within my grandad’s life. His businesses revolved around driving lorries, becoming his main form of income. His life revolved around living in lorries for days at a time, travelling all over the uk delivering. This meant that growing up he was never really around often which led to a limited relationship with my grandad. These lorries represent the aftermath of my grandad having to give up the lorries. He once said that the day he stops driving would be the start of the end, that it wouldn’t be long before we put him in a box, once the lorries were gone he put all his attention into the agricultural side of the business.

These cast lorries are to represent this prominent chapter in my grandad’s life. The deformities of the lorries are to represent the warping of my grandad’s mind and how he regresses back to a time where he is still driving lorries. Repeatedly stating that he needs to go move his lorry or needs to go to work. These casts are in different stages of fragmenting, representing the constant adjustment of his mind and memory. His memory would fluctuate between 10 to 30 years but would be ‘re-set’ the next day. His mind created hallucinations where he would imagine whole rooms as lorry cabs. Representing his mental stability within a familiar form.