In Autumn last year Greg Byatt and Markus Soukup started the INTENTIONALITY vs ARTEFACT project on one of various sites they are going to investigate. As a first result they developed a video installation BRYN CELLI DDU which was exhibited at SoundNetwork's exhibition @ Futuresonic 2007 in Manchester. The blog will present an ongoing diary and online reference point documenting artist's activities and research results.


We went both to BRYN CELLI DDU very early in the morning today to experience the sunrise at 4:43 am. The ancient monument is astronomically and geographically 'adjusted' in a way that the sun around the time of the summer solstice 'falls straight through the passage' into the stone chamber. The sun was hidden behind the clouds, but the phenomena of light falling into the chamber was still possible to recognize.

There were quite a few people 'gathering' in the morning.

Very Fascinating the sharp sound quality of all sounds appearing around the place at this time of the day (from birds, cows, sheeps, farm trucks etc.).


short summary about the installation exhibited at SoundNetwork's exhibition as part of FUTURESONIC 07 in Manchester:

[A/V installation / digital loops on DVD's / 5 monitors / UK 2007]

The work presents the current stage of Greg Byatt's and Markus Soukup's ongoing audio visual research into archae-acoustic phenomena. The project explores an area of different aspects where consciousness change, certain frequencies, binaural beats and ancient resonance systems are significant parts of the investigation. By using video loops, which each have a different length, a situation of a continuous mode of change is created within the installation representing multi-layered space time concepts.The way in which the loops are running asynchronous on several Monitors reflect the multiple perspectives, fragmented meanings and unknown historical territories of the ancient stone age site on Anglesey in North Wales.