You know you’re heading in the right direction when every fibre in your body is not only excited by the prospect of intensive learning but also looks forward to applying every coaching model you encounter on the course.

This is my current reality!

I had numerous reasons for applying to be on this course, primarily to future proof my career in the arts world by being able to offer coaching alongside my existing artist practise, freelance marketing and blogging.

It’s an incredibly beneficial skill to understand how to coach other people and I was right in thinking that this course would teach me a massive amount. For an artist to have the opportunity to share and consider their experiences with a coach – whether it be personal or professional – can result in profound, powerful new ideas.

Coaching is also turning out to be very useful on an everyday basis too by actively listening to the people around me. I am also keeping a stronger focus on the now as coaching is future-orientated rather than looking to the past.

I’m on the last leg of the course now and will post again after it finishes.


It’s been a few months since my last blog and I’m happy to say that I’m keeping with and loving coaching as part of my professional life.

Not only is it incredibly satisfying. There’s a real purpose behind each and every session. In fact, behind each and every word that’s said.

I’ve just come back from a holiday in St Ives and decided not to go to any art galleries. Yes that does sound strange being an artist but I wanted to have a completely fresh break. Since Summer I’ve realised I’ve needed some time out, both physically feeling run-down and mentally not having much left in the tank and wanting to re-evaluate who I am as an artist.

It’s interesting that while I coach other artists and creative folk, similar questions in different guises pop-up about art (or their creative practise) and what it is they’re trying to create or be as a person. This triggers questions in myself too. So by coaching other people it has also coincidentally pushed myself and my own practise forward.

Ultimately I’ve found it’s about being honest with yourself and what’s important to you. What are you truly passionate and excited about. What gets you up in the morning with a smile!

I hope this resonates with you too. I’ve written a few more blogs on my coaching website if you’d like to read them… visit or

P.S. I’m also running an intensive 3 hour workshop for artists with Dot-Art in Liverpool this November and there’s more information in the Events section :)


I’ve been extra busy working with four talented Green Door artists this Summer.

Each individual has benefited from face-2-face coaching with me as their coach and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. From dealing with challenges such as procrastination and prioritisation to how to make money from their art, each session has been challenging yet enjoyable. Working alongside my coachees to help them achieve their goals and desires is a fulfilling process for all parties, and its especially satisfying when the artist recognises their own personal hurdles and then ‘jumps over them’!

Coming back to the next session with positive actions and statements about themselves, their practise and objectives. Even if they already had quite firm goals that they wanted to achieve, the process of enlightenment – through personal and professional development is huge. And even if they don’t have any massive upscale in their practise, the recognition of the reasons behind why this is happening can often help to reduce feelings of overwhelm and guilt.

I’m looking forward to working with Green Door in the future and am happy to give all a-n members 20% off my coaching prices which can be found on my website at I’m also running a subsidised day of coaching and mentoring at The Gallery at Bank Quay House on Thursday 16th August (book here).

My latest coaching blogs can also be found on my new Facebook page by clicking here.

Thanks to: Visual Arts Coaching Course supported by a-n The Artists Information Company.


Last Friday marked a new chapter in my coaching life as I (and 13 other amazing individuals) became accredited coaches. Following this period of intensive theoretical knowledge and in-depth practical learning I am still amazed at the transformational process of coaching.

From my coaching experience so far I have noticed a feeling of renewed fulfilment and positivity in myself. I know that a client can feel apprehensive at first but I realise that keeping with the coaching will result in positive progress for them. It just takes practice and perseverance towards their goal, taking one day at a time.

I also understand that listening is more important than talking. Simply by listening, people can be helped to overcome their fears. Having a safe open space with a coach means they get my undivided attention and objectivity – this is a completely undervalued quality!

I can’t wait to get my new coaching practice underway, it’s such a special time for artists and creatives as a-n provide more and more opportunities for our personal growth.

I will soon be giving four Green Door artist members two free sessions each as part of the a-n professional development bursary so I’ll let you know how this goes in my next blog!


Green Door are are a self-managed, not-for-profit artists’ co-operative originally based in Kendal but now with around 100 members from around Cumbria and North Lancashire. They are committed to bringing artists together and making contemporary art accessible to local residents and visitors to the area.


Thanks to: Visual Arts Coaching Course supported by a-n The Artists Information Company.