fig 1.

1. because it will start again, but why not
2. who are you to complain about such a thing
3. standing there and hearing it again
4. there is nothing that enters my head
5. except the eternal words
6. if you can’t stand the meat, get out of the pigeon
7. it is a tough one though because who am i
8. who am i to be lecturing anybody
9. well, i have got a degree
10. and being honest is being aware
11. which in turn, welcomes consumption
12. i would rather that than wake up dead
13. perhaps that fear just makes you sad
14. with low self-esteem
15. it makes you think
13. your shot
14. won’t ever come along
15. but trust me
16. it will come along soon
17. you can’t put too much pressure on yourself
18. nature will run its course and fate doesn’t exist
19. just make some time for yourself
20. and hang out for a while

fig. 2

1. remember, gravity doesn’t just keep you down
2. if you make sure to stay level
3. blood won’t rush from your head
4. fuck composure
5. or do what you want to
6. i’m not going to turn around and be all like, what
7. listen to me right now though and do what i say
8. stop this pseudo-moral bullshit
9. you cannot handle being a catalyst
10. here comes the inevitable
11. being chewed up and spat out
12. stay in the air for as long as you want
13. why stop when you land
14. either fill your belly or your diary
15. enjoy a community-based pastime
16. that might not be your thing
17. make your move and get inside a cult
18. the lure smells fantastic, irresistible
19. or perhaps it smells awful
20. get somebody else to decide for you

fig. 3

1. the way you think you think makes me think
2. it is not a chain of arrogance
3. only because you don’t have the capacity
4. yet the mind travels faster than light
5. so if the spotlight makes you nervous
6. you know where the toilet is
7. that takeaway is suddenly seeming like a bad idea
8. tear your mouth from their opinion
9. to see that a day has passed
10. and so on to the evening
11. grab a few cans of your favourite beverage
12. lay a delicious platter of cold cuts and hot dogs
13. suppress the ever-evident urge
14. to crack a nut with a sledgehammer
15. instead, ponder an intense desire
16. focus your mind and take a deep breath
17. grab your pen in your hand
18. and write it down
19. if you feel better for it then that’s great
20. if you don’t feel better then don’t worry

repeat ad nauseum