Memory makes me confident that it was dark outside. For the sake of having a point-of-view I’ll go with a fish, that way everything will be ever so slightly obscured by the ripples in the water. Speaking of which, I’m skeptical as to how impressive animations of flowing liquid will be once The Singularity comes around – you would surely have to be an arrogant architect to think you could make a window in time. (Does anyone have a positive synonym for demolish that I could use?)


Demolish turns to polish and everything is on the up. Render hair to look hairy, glass to look classy and mirror to look at itself. Is this all just a self-portrait? What would Narcissus’ Twitter handle be? How did burgers manage to become a lifestyle? Y’all eat pieces of shit? What’s the basis?


There’s a highly-defined vibe going around with a pseudo-sinister subsidiary. Maybe you’ve smelled them both? The former is apparently making Freddie Mercury spin in his grave and the latter is making Death happy to be alive and helping fund manufacturers of media players. Inevitably, options are going to be divided between the two, but it’s realistically going to float between Dyson and Hoover. I thought it was all going to blow over, but then I heard someone say that they hit a little snag when the universe sort of collapsed on itself.


Then at the end you’re still there and you’ve been enlightened by the whole thing. You and a sibling can discuss what you thought worked particularly well. You’re staring at a computer scream and by this point it’s later on …

2 good
2 be
4 gotten