the powers that be don’t hear and see
you sow seeds in the ground, clean dirt from your teeth
dust under your tongue and clogging your throat
bite the bullet and splash out on some fancy mouthwash
an irresistible odour, casually allure
one-hundred percent battery and no need for an umbrella
their name or their colour emblazoned on your chest
go far, all the way, tense up and breathe fast
darkened vision in heat and flat-down feet
keep the peripheries blurred, not that they’re in focus
nostrils open, hoping to soak in no thing
flagging a little, but still on par for the title
the ocean opens ahead and you can watch the sun set
park-up, spark your roll-up, check your fresh cut hasn’t grown out yet
notice that shit on your shoe, it doesn’t look like that much
it doesn’t smell either and those laces took ages to tie
so yeah, i wouldn’t worry about it etc.