In the summer I am going to be showing in the Projection Space at John Jones ‘ Which has a long history of supporting emerging artists and contemporary art. .. ‘

I see this as a fantastic opportunity to start a blog and take you on the journey with me as I agonise over new work and mull over my experiences in the art world.


The exhibition at John Jones has now finished and with it comes a trace of sadness but also many positive things to conclude this blog with. It has been fantastic in terms of feedback, I have had my first reviews, one from our very own editor Andrew Bryant which is rather amazing!

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as well as on

Projection really did project me out there and project my work.

It made me start a blog through which I have met and had dialogue with a number of interesting people. For John Jones, the exhibition with all the blog feeding in created a buzz of excitement for them and there were a lot of positive comments from staff and visitors alike. Their enthusiasm and professionalism did not wane and I have grown very attached to them all.

I have since been preparing for the next group show I am in at PHOENIX BRIGHTON, with Louise Bristow , Peter Bobby, Rowena Easton, Mark Hewitt, Jane Ward, Rich Whitewhich opens next Friday for a preview, 4th September until 11th October .

Floor Plan explores buildings, architecture, and the physical, aesthetic, and psychological interactions between these structures, their inhabitants, and the surrounding communities.

We are going to be having a panel discussion on the 23rd September with Zoe Whitley, Curator of Contemporary Programmes at the V&A, around the central themes in the ‘Floor Plan’ exhibition, and in particular, the interrelationship between psychology and architecture which inspires further thoughts on the themes I am concerned with in my work.

There are several more exhibitions to go this year and each one teaches me something new and makes new connections. It is a joy ( sometimes laced with anxiety!)

And so now fellow travellers I leave you with wise words from Graham Crowley.

‘ Being an artist is a complex and demanding business…’

Ain’t that the truth

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It turned out to be quite an amazing evening. A whirlwind of chatter! I think I spoke about my work for about 5 hours straight. In fact I got a rather lovely review, my very first one from Spoonfed. I am so excited I can barely sleep!

Assemblage at John Jones Project Space by: Claire_loves_jam

Assemblage is a ‘festival of contemporary makers’ pursuing the workshop’s commitment to thrusting emerging artists and unseen, contemporary art into the public arena. The project space lurks down a quiet lane near Finsbury Park tube station and strategically draped lanterns create an intimate, ambient atmosphere. It’s refreshingly unpretentious.

The star of the night has to be Rosalind Davis. Her exhibition of mixed media paintings in the Projection space reflects a fascination with grotty and disused looking buildings which have an underlying importance to the communities they serve. The pieces fuse painting with collage and embroidery and invite closer inspection to see where cotton ends and acrylic begins.

The idea here is that the tessellated canvas explores equally complex themes enshrined within the structures they are based upon. Often the buildings painted are taken from areas of serious social deprivation and are supposed to represent the lifeblood of their surrounding communities.

From a distance broad, bold brush strokes used to depict neglected buildings contrast with delicate, floral print backgrounds but a closer look reveals meticulous detail. Each individual stitch masquerades as a streak of paint which at times can look a little chaotic – something I’m told is meant to emphasise the fragility of the structures captured on canvas. It’s a bit like art nouveau; the deeper you delve into the image the more attention to detail you find. My eyes are sore.

Despite their vivid and bright tones, I still find the paintings very foreboding. Whether or not they’re successful in portraying ‘melancholy dystopian landscapes that explore human experience and identity’ I would certainly recommend checking out Ms Davis’ work.


The Summer Art Party is tomorrow! Eek!

The feedback from John Jones has been fantastic already with clients really engaging with the works. Tomorrow there will be about 600 people heading through the doors. I feel faint.

I actually really like talking about the works, the discussions are fascinating. Also if you go to the RCA you soon stop feeling self conscious about it as you are always explaining and exploring your works to rooms full of people. It doesn’t stop the nerves though and tomorrow will be super –charged. My biggest fear is being mediocre. I don’t mind if people don’t like it….well I do if I am really honest but that is not realistic.

In the interim I have been distracting myself with those research trips I mentioned. Assembling ideas and planning out pieces. I am going paint 3 pieces inspired by Margate. A memento-mori of a town. One of the pieces is going to be interspliced with social housing from Poplar as problem families used to be shipped out of London to Margate.

I remember Margate was so vibrant when we went there as children, now row upon row of boarded up shops are like skeletons on the marine parade. The Turner contemporary exhibition in a former M&S was fantastic though. A really great show and indicative of the revival which may have a chance to occur there.

I have also been to Brighton to discuss my next exhibition, ‘Floorplan’ at the Brighton Phoenix Gallery in September, a very good public gallery. I am organising a workshop with a local community group, plus I and the other artists shall be involved in an artists talk discussing the psychology of buildings which I am already looking forward to.

I have also been planning and interviewed for drawing workshops at the Tower of London and found out today I got the job!

As for painting, I am now back to the actuality of it. I am as always slightly daunted by what has I have made before. Back into the cycle of questioning, exploring, doubting and persevering.

Tomorrow if you are coming to the Summer Art Party you will be able to find me, see for more details. I shall be the lady doused in Lavender oil and hopefully not breathing into a bag. Come say hello

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I have not left yet! No no, here a little longer……I have been working away at one last painting in the last week before the show opens. There were also a book of drawings to organise and now…..The paintings have been hung and there is the undeniable fear and exhiliration of the Exhibition!

you may be pleased to hear, I am restored to good health, have broken only a few more glasses and am considering tackling my tax return (joy)

I am also seeking new inspiration and have been cycling around poplar and silvertown, very bleak in places. I saw 5 burnt out pubs in a mile! I am also off to Gravesend and Margate over the next week. Exciting! I used to spend weekends at Dreamland in Margate with my dad and I am interested to see how it has changed, soak up the atmosphere. Seaside towns are intriguing, a mix of kitsch and seediness.

Also with the big art party at John Jones to gear up to on the 31st July I am doing all that I can to promote the show and am constantly thrilled by the great help of John Jones crew in all of this and the marvellous marketing ladies ! Self promotion can be a terrible bane but a necessary evil. In some ways it can be quite a joy if people respond to you,an exhibition is a great reason to get in touch with peole and tell them what you are working on. At other times it feels like you must as well be chucking a piece of paper out of the window for all the good it is doing you….! I shall let you know how it all goes…..


I am delighted to invite you to:

Projection Rosalind Davis

Exhibition from 6th July – 21st August

Open to the public Monday – Friday from 9am – 6pm

We are delighted to announce Rosalind Davis as our next artist to exhibit in Projection, a space for solo shows which aims to increase the exposure of mainly unseen artists as an aspect of their professional development.

Rosalind Davis is a mixed media painter and graduate from the RCA, creating melancholy dystopian landscapes that explore human experience and identity.

Davis fuses painting, collage and embroidery onto printed floral fabrics, selected for their historical, cultural and symbolic representations. This complex relation between mediums is integral to the piece emphasising the fragility of the spaces depicted and the disconcerting juxtaposition between aesthetics and meaning.

4 Morris Place, N4 3JG

020 7281 5439