Inspired by Anne I have joined a gym! For the first couple of weeks I stuck to the running machine, but have now ventured into a few classes. At the first pilates I came close to crying and running out – my muscles just wern’t having any of that treatment! The first abs class, hmmmmm…… But the ultimate, body combat – what is that about! an hour spent punching and kicking the air, I think you need to go with a hate figure in mind to get full benefit!

I have today decided, though, not to be negative and to embrace the strange exercise classes, having seen a side profile of myself and catching a glimpse of my bingo wings – where did they come from!

So, next week I’m going for the big punch and kick burn, (and buy some long sleeve gym tops!).


Yesterday I met Anne at Harlow Sports Centre, she was there to do a work out supported by John, an ex-bodybuilding gym instructor (with awesome arms and terrific personality!).

Anne’s focus is on building arm and shoulder strength which is vital during the winter months.

A female member of staff in the gym noticed Anne’s eyelashes (I thought there was something different but couldn’t quite pinpoint it!) The reason for the stunning new set is a model shoot in Bristol the next day. (Anne’s also been frequenting the Eastenders set lately and getting cosy with the cast!)

John kept a close eye on Anne’s workout, making sure she worked to her max, and both were undaunted by my constant snapping, climbing into and over various strange apparatus to get the right photograph.

Working our way through the machines I was impressed with the weights Anne was lifting, but John still pushed her for more. Fortunately no-one suggested I had a go……. !