showing  beyond C O D E by revad

an exploration of the a-n blogging platform as exhibition space

NOTE: 2020-01-08

A new beyond C O D E alphabet for 2020 onward.

NOTE: 2019-01-02

Now well into its fifth year, this a-n blog as JUST ANOTHER EXHIBITION SPACE will continue to translate words from the news into digital, hard edged, colour field outcomes. Well, that’s how others might describe them, as they attempt to slot this work into a convenient pigeon hole. For me, it is just another continuing enquiry!

NOTE: 2018-05-13

Derivative outcomes will now appear on Twitter.

NOTE: 2018-02-16

Derivative outcomes are now appearing on Instagram.

NOTE: 2017-10-16

Twitter has been released to do other things, so I am looking for a new home to show outcomes derived from this thread of thought. Watch this space…

NOTE: 2016-11-07

I am now combining these posts using the split screen view on an iPad. The new combined outcomes are then installed on my @revadDavidRiley twitter account. Each outcome is for you the viewer to interpret from your own experience and perspective.

NOTE: 2016-07-28

A new set of code images have been uploaded and these appear to display correctly across all systems, allowing me to continue posting new outcomes to beyond C O D E.

NOTE 2016-07-25

As I write, there is a fault with how my colour bars are shown in a browser running on IOS (iPhone and iPad). The bars are shown as-if arranged as vertical bars instead of the installed horizontal bars. The fault has been reported, but I expect it to take some time to fix, if it is fixed at all. A bit of a shame, as I had been taking screen captures via IOS and publishing them on Twitter.

NOTE 2016-06-25

I have closed all my written blogs, preferring to let this art installation speak for me. Preferring to let you, the viewer, interpret this in any way to suit your personal perspective.

(updated: 2016-10-30 I have reinstated my REMNANTS blogs made on the previous a.n platform. These represent my early efforts to capture the concept of “everything is transient” as it applies to the WWW.)


Words are not enough…

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