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From Lee: My first day back in Corris has been excellent. Veronica and I walked to the local adits (mining bore holes), which were drilled into the face of a local defunct slate quarry. The reverb inside was excellent and unlike that in any other tunnel that I have been in and I can’t wait until I am back there with a recorder.

Back at base I have been loading new software onto the studio computer and we have been talking about where Veronica wants to go with this project and what we need to get done in the coming days, the day concluded with a gong bath at the Corris institute so all in all a great start.

From Veronica: After a late night to meet the train, we woke to a slow start. Lee did some TaiChi and I went for a run. About 11am we came together to start work. So how do we get into the project? Where to start? With notebooks and pencils we skirted around what we wanted to do and achieve. The sun was shining outside (rare thing in North Wales) so I suggested a walk to the ‘Italian Village’ and the bore holes. The bore holes is an amazing area – it has a path curving around the side leading down to a shallow waterhole, at the moment filled with tadpoles. Surrounded by enormous quarried rocks, it is like a natural amphitheatre. We sat near the waterhole and pondered the life of tadpoles and then Lee climbed up to the boreholes. I sat on a rock soaking up the sunshine. Next thing I heard was the most amazing sounds as Lee explored the acoustics of the boreholes. Walking back down the hill we were suddenly fill of plans for the week. The ice has broken the project has begun.