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Our plan for Saturday was to go up to the adits and do some recording. Meeting Lee in the Stiwdio Maelor kitchen, he pointed out it was raining and taking recording equipment out in the rain was not a good idea. Okay – plans have to change. The current artist in residence at Maelor is Lacey Hawthorn from Canada who was turning 31 today. So we made pancakes (crempogau in Welsh) with real Canadian maple syrup (in a tin from my last trip to Canada). Over breakfast we (well Lee) decided that today we would work on the computer – three hours of learning Audacity. Lee is a great teacher, very patient and explains everything really well. We put in some sound files from my phone, took out the hissing sounds (noise reduction), cut, pasted, joined files together, made recordings (lesson to learn how to use the mic to record the spoken word) of Lee saying Welsh words with a south London accent. With my head spinning with all the new terms, possibilities, I headed into Aberystwyth for the graduate show. More learning tomorrow and if the is weather nice, a visit to the adits.