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The fabrication of the framework is well underway. We started by welding the 10 triangles that make up the sculpture, and then welded these together in to the shape of the final piece.

I needed to get the frame work finished so that the bespoke double glazing units can be fitted perfectly.


A huge thank you to GlassBuild who have agreed to sponsor my piece by providing all the glass work for free.





These images show me at work in the forge, finishing  the small badger skull piece .  I have become more and more interested in using steel in my work. Last year I started my training as a blacksmith, as a means to develop my art practice.  My aim is to learn the  methods and techniques used in metal working and develop them in a way a traditional blacksmith may not consider.

I am now starting to think about the fabrication of the steel structure for Broomhill. I have added two images of the shape and design of this piece.