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the state of being joined or linked; a feeling of belonging to or having affinity with a particular person or group.’

Every day in the month of April, I’m going to focus on finding objects which are similar but different. To start the ball rolling, today April 1st 2020, I’m posting an image of two objects – a pair of small plastic ballerinas, parted from their music boxes but united in their similarities. Tomorrow, I will post an image of just one object and continue to do so on alternate days; on the days in between, I’ll be placing a similar (but different) object next to the original one.

Over 30 days, as the objects are connected/twinned with each other, I’ll post the images on social media:



Reuniting 30 small objects in this way is a tribute to my twin sons who like so many of us across the entire world right now, are in lock down in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s a reminder of the importance of the virtues of love and compassion, reaching out, looking out for each other and crucially, staying connected – especially with those who are alone, in such unprecedented times. Take care and stay connected, everyone!