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Hanna Segal, psychoanalyst in an interview with journalist John Henley,  The Guardian. September 2008:

But the important thing is to keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden. I find this extraordinarily helpful: we live in a mad world, but for those of us who believe in some human values, it is terribly important that we just keep this little fire burning. It is about trusting your judgement, and the power of love. A little trust, and a little care.’

The word ‘surprise’ has been used a lot in the media this past week in connection with Donald Trump becoming president elect. As per the UK General Election result of 2015, the information and predictions fed to us in the lead up to the USA presidential election now seem completely out of kilter.

It’s very much a head in the sands response, but the plinkety plonk sounds and the pretty, twinkly dancing girls of the music boxes in the meantime, provide a welcome relief from being fixated on world politics. More future updates to come as the film making and editing for the ‘I Always Wanted To Be …’ short film continues.