Today I’m in Norfolk delivering a Koffin to a customer – (yes they are not yet really for sale however) a spare prototype from the exhibition that Jonothan, a army veteran “with 2 years left” has given me some great advice and insights into him trying to get cremated his own way- some if it is almost laughable. £600 quid for a 6inch plaque and Im worried about charging 400 for a koffin!  Here to meet his crem person with Koffin to convince.

The design issue I came across yesterday on my way up here meeting with ‘Respect Direct Funerals’ In terms of the height of the Koffin – which we have reduced in the next revision, is still rather high and when the body is buried (only 25% of people are in the UK, after 6 weeks the weight of the soil on the coffin/Koffin lid collapses the lid of the coffin and if theres a lot of space between coffin and body then the earth has to be refilled – potholes in the cemetery? Why didn’t i think of this? Why did nobody inform me along the way – I had lots of advice from woodland burials but clearly didn’t get enough good flatland cemetary advice….time to revise again? Yep lovely thoughts and it’s still before 10am.


Off back to meet the lovely Design By Day today to catch up and work out what needs doing now on the web/brand/design/publication for the next stage.

Also collecting a few Koffin lids from Widnes – failed hydro-prints – some of them rather amusing when the image (ink suspended on the surface of water and transferred to the koffin lid) looks like it slides off the surface – not great if its an image of your ‘loved ones’ face though.

Prepping for my talk tonight at ‘boost your business with creative thinking’ –

And planning a fantastic & fun journey on Monday to Direct Cremation and burial ground to talk shop, followed by a drive to deliver a Koffin to customer ‘JB’ who’s going to decorate it himself – agreed to do photo with me so will share with you.

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