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Graz was the capital of culture in 2003. It’s a vibrant youthful city with 5 universities the first university was founded in 1585. I have been told that Shrodingoer, Tessla and Keppler studied here.

The city is divided by the river Mur and in 2003 as part of the program for city of culture Vito Acconci design an island which in a shape of a shell connected by curved bridges. The structure houses an indoor and outdoor café which doubles as a performance place. The island lights up at night-time with a blue glow.

The town is build around the hill with Schlossberg castle on the top and the Uhrturm clock.

Actually the whole city is full of clock towers and the sound on the top of the hill at midday is a sonic treat. Listening to the city at 12 and the sounds of the bells coming from all the directions at different levels and tunes made me realised that I should have all of my locations play at 12 in dialogue with each other. This will require some tests at the mixing stage.