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How far art, if not inspired, has yet been ennobled by religion? I shall not touch upon today; for it both requires technical criticism, and would divert you too long from the main question of all, “How far religion has been helped by art?” (Ruskin, 1980, P. 59-60)

The John Ruskin quote was used to begin my challenging dissertation, to demonstrate the subject matter that I was tackling for and against.

For my dissertation, I was exploring and discussing the influences of religion and elements of fantasy behind the paintings I have chosen, and I have focused and studied three different artists from different generations, to find different answers and different meanings through their paintings and the artists themselves. The argument for this dissertation is to examine the influence that religion has in the world of fantasy; the imagination behind those artists’ art, and to find out the importance between religion and fantasy.



Ruskin, J. (1890) ‘Lectures on Art’. London: George Allen.