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Lots of ideas in my head, plus just finished reading my son’s dissertation, Absurd Actions in Serious Scenarios: Francis Alys and the Contemporary Absurd which has been really useful in helping me identify and, to a certain extent understand one of the things which I hold as essential and invaluable in art – the absurd. These things, plus a sense of time running out (I start my 45 hour a week job on Wednesday for 12 weeks) are making me keen to DO some things.


Experiments with Growing Stones

Phase 1

Working on Schelling’s theory of Naturophilosophie that “all physical objects aspire to become something higher”, I’m going to offer the opportunity for some stones to try to make that leap in status. Using two different growing methods I will attempt to trigger growth from the stones using my experience of growing broad beans to inform the process. I’m going to use stones from a bag of pea-shingle in the hope that the vegetable association will improve the chances of viability.

Method 1: Fill a plant pot with soil, compost or other suitable growing medium. Plant the stone leaving a potential growing point just above the surface of the soil, water well and keep in a warm place until signs of growth are seen.

Method 2: Line a glass jar with water soaked blotting paper or other water retentive material. Position 3 pea-shingle stones around the sides of the jar. Keep in a warm place and ensure blotting paper is kept moist until signs of growth are seen.