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More than three years ago in 2013 I wrote,

“…back in June or July, I was unexpectedly put forward for an opportunity at Phoenix Arts in Brighton. Things progressed and excitingly, I have now been offered the chance to curate an exhibition there in 2014/15 as an extension of my artistic practice. Everything about this seems to be fitting together very neatly. My proposal is that the exhibition will be a culmination of my research into a question arising from my LIFE Now project which is: “What difference would it make if we never died?”

Well, time went by, things happened, and the exhibition proposal turned into a major research project culminating in The New Immortals exhibition which finally took place at Phoenix Brighton in February/March 2016. Now, after a period of reflection and a few other jobs, I’ve just started a month of printmaking in the University of Brighton’s fantastic print workshops. I wanted to learn/re-learn some lithography techniques and went in last week for an induction day. I have an idea about trying to combine various images in a series of sort of printed collages. I needed to take some images with me to work with and for some reason went back to an image of the dead frog I worked with some years ago as part of the Growing Stones project.

Today, I’m preparing for my printmaking sessions next week and thinking about how to develop that image, so to refresh my memory I thought I’d take a look at what I wrote about it in my blog all that time ago. Wow! How amazing to have such a great record of my thought processes from that time. It feels really quite exciting to be able to re-visit those thoughts. And interesting that in March 2014, at the beginning of The New Immortals project, I wrote,


“So, I’ve had a major clear-out, which is always a good way to start something I think. I’ve cleaned off the whiteboard and cleared the decks. But … I have reserved a corner of the studio for the Growing Stones. They are, I think, a special piece of work which I will want to come back to and I want to keep them in sight and in mind and one day will be blogging about them again I’m sure when I’m able to pick up the threads of the LIFE NOW project in future.”

Well, it looks like that time has come.