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40 minutes
Low Plinth
Black and white stripy blazer
Car boot items


Stand on plinth holding one item at a time, using arms and body to show the item, interacting through gesture and eye contact with passers-by staying silent, with a simple sign at the base of the plinth reading ‘What’s your price for the item I’m holding?’   I wave at people going past in cars leaving the site, this becomes part of my routine and gets the most engagement.  (Gestures slowed).  Overhear one guy saying  ‘Wish I could get my wife to do that.’ And a mother explaining my appearance as best she could to a young child.


Engaging people through gesture and eye contact, seeking an honest interaction in a world that increasingly seems to be absorbing untruths in the media.

Unlike in the conventional retail space where prices are usually fixed – at a car boot sale we have the opportunity to barter.  Bridging the gap between the gallery, where a limited range of people frequent, to an event attended by many demographics visiting as buyers, sellers and those who just want to be entertained or social.

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