Last Friday’s preview was a mix of great company alongside a compelling display of ‘New Generation Landscape Art’ allowing viewers to explore the complexities of interpreting landscape and the world we live in.

My new solo show ‘A Question of Landscape’ is currently open in Manchester and offers up an alternative, totally non-conformist, unrestrained approach to the subject.

My paintings focus on getting to the real dynamics of its ever-changing surface – shapes, form, texture and colour.

I am constantly re-examining what the landscape is about and how it shapes us. Shattering the ‘idyllic’ myth of landscape isn’t an easy one, particularly as we constantly evolve and change at such a fast pace. Nothing is set in stone. Landscape takes centre stage in my new solo exhibition. But anarchy and experimentation lie at its heart.

“Rules are set aside, redefined and expanded.”

Here’s a few photos from the opening night, and more will be released over the next few weeks.