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SO yes this is off topic and possibly not the place: when I give the link to my lecturers what will they say when they see something that is not directly MA related.


Well I argue that this is during my MA so it is in fact relevant.

As I have previously mentioned I created, organised and ran a big art event over 17 venues this year and I have been busy planning a massive ARTS FESTIVAL for next year, encompassing all of the arts not just “art”.


Anyhow I’ve been busy networking and the like and this morning I had a meeting with the local council who I won a grant from for this year’s event.  Anyhow I really impressed them with my previous work apparently and they love my ideas and [drum roll please]…………..

THEY ARE DEFINITELY GOING TO BE PRACTICALLY INVOLVED AT SOME LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (with next year’s big Arts Festival)

There is even the possibility they will become full on partners running a lot of it with me but still with me as the head honcho.


Yes I have a huge amount of work to do and yes with the council working with me I will be constrained but I can’t help feeling this is an amazing thing and I am feeling really quite proud right now.

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