Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Following the opening of Autography last month I seem to have been zipping around left, right and centre across the UK. This includes giving a talk on my drawings and social media at Matt Roberts Arts as part of their ALAS residency scheme, along with a workshop at AIRTIME in Nottingham. I’ve also been doing a lot of writing and editing for AIR, including my new monthly column for self employed artists called Taking Charge.

It’s been great to focus on these other activities after such an extensive period of drawing. I love the fact my career is dynamic and it is definitely beneficial to work on separate projects with different individuals and organisations. I never get it when artists are shy about their portfolio careers. Who can honestly say they work on their practice 24/7? And who would really want to? If I spent 100% of my time on my drawings I would probably a) go insane and b) go blind!

I’ve only just started a new series of drawings but I feel the short break of around two weeks has been beneficial. The drawings feel fresh and an evolution of what I was producing prior to the Nunnery Gallery residency. It has been nice to work without the pressure of a deadline, commission or upcoming exhibition. The last nine months have been pretty relentless in that sense.

One thing that has been bothering me is whether I should end this blog. Technically it is tied to the residency and exhibition, and I don’t want to deviate too far from it’s original purpose. I’ve basically decided to stop worrying so bloody much! I will just switch to a new blog when the time feels right. There’s still quite a lot of Autography related activity anyway, including my artist talk this coming Wednesday at the gallery. It’s sold out so there should be quite a large group, including several of my collectors. I’m sure they will have some pretty stimulating questions!

Check back later in the week for video highlights!