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Day three of the installation of ‘Autography’ and everything seems to be going to plan. The first two days were all about cleaning up and preparing the space – you know, all the tedious stuff like putting poly filler in drill holes. I also had a trip to B&Q, which actually excites the same feelings I had as when I was 10 years old and on my way to Toys R Us.

To top things off I realised I needed to do three more drawings. Funny how things change once you are actually in a space!

There have been moments over the last 48 hours where I have felt physically and mentally drained. I always get like this in the last few days before a show, and I’m sure I am a real pain to be around. All I can say is I have wonderful friends and family who put up with it!

Anyway, today comes the fun part. Newham Archives are delivering Madge Gill’s work. There is the large scroll to be installed plus 14 framed drawings to hang. I will also be placing my 40 drawings on shelves around the large central space. The vinyl labels are (hopefully!) arriving tomorrow which is cutting it a bit fine but I’m confident we will be ready for the 6pm opening.

As Sir Alex Ferguson would say: “It’s squeaky bum time.”