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Well I wasn’t expecting that…!

Opened up today’s Guardian to see ‘Autography’ has made their Top 5 exhibitions to see this week. I’m obviously very pleased, not just for myself but for Gill.

It would be really interesting to know what she would make of it. How would she feel about making the Guardian’s ‘Pick of the week’? She rarely exhibited during her lifetime. Would the thought of such publicity horrify her?

It’s a very strange feeling to collaborate on a project with an artist without ever speaking to them. I guess it’s indicative of the strength of Gill’s work that I feel so close to her. Drawing is a different type of language and it has allowed me to connect with another artist 51 years after her death. I wonder whether someone will be doing a similar thing with my drawings after I am long gone…!

On another note, there was a lovely little article on the show written by Stephen Palmer for a-n News. There are a few quotes from myself and Rosamond, plus more info on the residency scheme as a whole. You can read the article here