The piece im creating at the moment is a 3D wall mounted piece made out of ceramics. This piece strives to show the idea of “one mans rubbish is another mans gold” and focuses on the issues of disposable objects and there impact on our planet.

I have been doing some work with porcelain clay and plastic cups, recreating the cups in the clay, the object has the same function but is now higher in value. I want to instead of using glazes use other materials to colour my work, i was inspired to do this by the collect exhibition at the Saatchi gallery in London.


This week i was very lucky to be awarded £400 to be used towards gaining a teaching qualification meaning that i can earn while i study for my degree. I was awarded the money from the Sir Andrew Martin Trust which awards funds for people aged up to the age of 22 to go towards educational needs. I’m really looking forward to teaching part time, continuing my studies and making art as this will provide me with the finances i need to be a practicing self employed artist.

In other news i will be having a group exhibition at the end of june with 11 other artists i will post more info about this event closer to the time and create an event on the events page, so people can see how they can attend the show.

Onward and upwards, Surround yourself by positive, successful people and you will succeed too.