Just a quick update the M.U.D exhibition is now live and running and continues to show until Thursday the 2nd of July.

My piece “Buried Treasure” is up in this exhibition and it is made from Porcelain objects that i reproduced from less valuable items that i made casts and molds from. you can read more about my work here.

You can see a video of how i made this piece on my Youtube channel. This video shows how after producing the porcelain objects i placed them onto the Board to create a landfill look.

The video is available to watch here.


I am proud to announce that i will be displaying my work in the “Engagement and Entrapment” exhibition in Cyprus at the Zmart Gallery Nicosia. The piece i will be exhibiting is about capitalism and Migration across the Mediterranean into Europe i will share more about the piece that im exhibiting nearer the time.

You can see and read more about the exhibition here

The Exhibition opens on the 24th July 2015 – 7th August 2015, so if your in Cyprus please come and support us and see my work. The Curator of the Exhibition is Dianna Ali and more about her and her work can be found here

In other news i have overhauled my website and now it looks much clearer and fresher you can check that out here as well

(sorry for the link overload !!!)


My final plaster mold, this one is of a chip and burger box, something that does not have much value in society but i’m trying to change that by using porcelain clay to create the shape.

Next stop is to fire all my products and see how they come out, lets hope for minimal breakages !!!!!


Still working on my piece for the M.U.D exhibition at the end of this month, the piece looks at how we place value on items such as those we use to drink out of and have take away food in. So i have been making these items in porcelain clay to change there value to an individual, i will also be painting them gold so that they look expensive and beautiful,