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I’m Obsessed with skyscrapers, their beautiful design and striking facade really wow me. I think just how amazing feats of engineering they are built to impress the people who see them and show off a countries wealth.

For Christmas i was delighted by my gift from my boyfriend James, AKA Ja He bought me a trip to the viewing deck on the Shard with champaign :) i cant wait to go and experience it some time this year.

My favourite Sky Scraper in the world though is the Empire state building it has a special affinity to me because it is such an icon of success and the power of dreams. The Empire State building to me is not just a structure it’s an idea that anyone can be great, you can make a name for yourself and that there may be setbacks but you can always reach your goals. Also it happens to be the main feature of the song Empire State of Mind which is my favourite song. This song reminds me of a friend of mine called Nathan Ruddock he died in 2014 at a very young age but he was a dreamer and an amazing talent, this song reminds me of him and reminds me to reach for the stars.

Hope you enjoy the song :)