Planning is just so hard these days but I still want to look ahead to at least some time when I am actually better, so I am really pleased to now be part of the White Noise projects collective  and hope to be part of their next show in 2019.

Managed to get out into the autumn sunshine the other day.

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At an event recently I was asked if I was making work about my experience of bowel cancer “or was I not that kind of artist”? I mumbled something very vague and said whatever I was going through would probably come out in the work anyway….

Hmm, not sure really what kind of artist I am. I keep rewriting statements and then also trying to work out where the making stuff sits and then think it is all making anyway and maybe the kind of artist I am  doesn’t come from me but from the work and then I worry it is not all joined up and then I worry whether it matters anyway. So the recent short statement is “I am inspired by gardens, interested in exploring my English/Chinese heritage and I love working with paper”. Does that cover it?

Currently making Christmas cards…..and guess it fits with the above

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