Day 1 – Black to Bloom No. 1

The first painting I completed for the show. Here I paint in acrylic on primed canvas but I have started to use some of the chromatic glazes I developed during my research with the polymer chemist and scientist.

The technique for creating the glazes is a closely guarded secret as I think it’s something new and truly unique to my practice. The layers of additional colour upon the surface of the painting are sometimes transparent and sometimes semi-opaque, and add extra depth to the work.


Chromia Utopia Calendar!

As it’s almost time for my exhibition and nearing Christmas too I thought I’d do my own version of an advent calendar for my Chroma Utopia show… 27 days between now and the close of exhibition, and 27 paintings in the show, so I plan to post 1 painting per day on my blog plus a little bit of background info on the work. All work has been created as a result of my Material Interventions experiments. Of course, if you want to know and see more you’ll need to come to the show!

Chroma Utopia is at gallery/ten, Windsor place, Cardiff from 7-30th November