Print Clearly in Black Ink

(Medical Documents, Pencil, Sharpener, Chair, Table, Reading Glasses)

A durational performance completing the arduous task of filling in over 200 pages of Medical Forms and Paperwork. The use of a pencil renders the forms useless and the time wasted. A pointless action with no progression.

This reflects the time I have spent in hospital and on the phone to medical professionals as the actions I take towards my own reproductive health seem to be going nowhere.

Photography by Anwen Howells



21:10 Outgoing Call: 111 (12 Mins)

22:31 Incoming Call: Unknown Number (8 Mins)

02:47 Incoming Call: Unknown Number (11 Mins)

09:30 Emergency Appointment: Out of Hours

09:35 A&E

10:22 Nurse Consultation

10:25 Urine Sample

11:50 Doctor Consultation

11:55 Blood Test and Examination

12:35 Dismissal with Inconclusive results