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A Conversation

(Polyurethane Rubber, Iron Nails)

When something is nailed to the wall people are forced to talk about it. Infertility is one of those issues we intrinsically avoid because of our society’s puritan foundations. It’s embarrassing because it relates to sex, which cannot exist in a context that is unfunctional or public. We barely talk about infertility in a non medicalised field, and if we do it is shrouded in negativity.

For men it is emasculating and embarrassing, for women there is a sense of stigmatised disappointment. Fundamentally it is a woman’s biological purpose to bear children and infertility inhibits that. There is such imposed responsibility of female infertility and a total lack of acknowledgement toward male infertility.

This work is a frustrated action as a result of quietness.

A penis is just a penis, regardless of function.

Let’s have a conversation. Please.