Well a few days have passed and I’ve calmed down now. I’m still thrilled but I’ve started concerntrating on other things now. I attended a fellows meeting today about our show, so I’ve got to get my working on that now.



The feedback I’ve had been good from the show but I guess people aren’t going to say they didn’t like it. Alison said that she’s good feeback too though which is good.

I’ve got this feeling that i need to go over and make sure everything is alright. But I did when I left my degree show work at the Williamson as well.


I feel very strange today. I think I was so worked up about the show and now I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m thinking about working on knew things but I’m exhausted. I worked today and was tired the whole time, I need to get some sleep but I keep thinking about last night and smiling.


It was the p.v. last night. I was in work until 2 and had a headache all day. Got the bus home to get ready and felt like I was going to be sick for the whole journey. Took tablets and by the time I got over to liverpool it had nearly gone. Alsion was already there and set me at ease. My degree tutors were the first to arrive, and whilst they where taking a look other people started to arrive. It wasn’t very busy but their were enough people there through the whole two hours, so that was a relief.

I sold a few pieces, but have been told by several people that may work was to cheap. It’s hard to judge though, I thought about how much time they took to produce, the materials I’d used and the frames and I thought I’d priced them well. Plus I don’t feel I can price to high as I’m only just starting out. But I know what they mean, I’ll have a think about it before I show work again.

I was thrilled when my degree tutor bought four pieces, I felt really chuffed that he liked them enough to buy and felt really honoured.

My very good friends from the degree course came along and Ian and Minako http://www.artinliverpool.com

came too, I was so pleased to see them.


Untitled cells Series

This work started as relief prints, they were cut and the cells were sewn back into them. The layers represent the changes that come about in our lives. As we pass through each layer we change so that what has passed can seem almost unrecognisable to us as the same people we have become. If you look beyond the surface you can see into the previous layers but not clearly, just as in life

Untitled Cells

‘Untitled Cells’ is a screen print that was produced using several paper stencils that matched up so that layers of colour could be applied in a sequence. Starting with the lightest/outer ring the image built up to the centres of each cell. ‘Untitled Cells’ is about random life appears to be but how ordered it actually is.

I think that’s all the statements now.