I’m exhausted, I’ve been working in my mums floristry shop today, I’d love to go to bed, I’m not even bothered about having tea. I’ve got so much to do though so I’m going to sit down with a cup of coffee and then I’m going to get on with it.


‘Flesh’ is a series of work based on cell production and growth. This project started as a screenprint from paper stencils. I later used digital prints of the screenprint to construct ‘Flesh.’ The colours used for the cells where found in flesh, skin, organs and blood. As the saying goes Beauty is only skin deep, this work is about something beautiful not actually being all it appears to be.

Forest: Lungs of the World

With the ever growing concern of climate change, this work is about the declining population of trees and the importance and impact they have on the planet. Carbon dioxide is probably the largest contributor to climate change, with human consumption being the major fact. Trees play an important role in the survival of our planet as they absorb Carbon dioxide. Inspired by lung tissue, this miniature forest emphasise how trees are the lungs of the world.
These books are part of a large developing project and the pages of each book have been cut using a simplified design of lung tissue. The books have been opened and fanned out to give the desired affect.

Black and White Cell Book

‘Black and White Cell Book’ is from a series of books that differ in the way the content is presented but are all based on cells dividing.

Each cell was printed from little round cardboard plates that were placed under each page before printing. This was the first project I undertook after finishing my degree and was a labour of love. I could have produced a similar book more easily and quickly, but I used processes that I enjoy instead.


I’ve been looking into framing my security blanket. I didn’t want it to be in a normal frame because there isn’t a background to it so I was going to put it between two pieces of perspex but when I lied it down behind glass to arrange the composition it looked terrible flat. It was squashed for a start but it also lost what it’s about. So I’m going to chance spraying it with the fire guard spray. I didn’t want to use it on this piece because it’s only made of thin paper and is very fragile, but if I spray it and then leave it to dry before moving it, it might just survive. I’d rather chance losing the piece than presenting it badly.

Security Blanket

Based on lung tissue this work has been screen printed using paper stencils. Each print has been cut out and the middles have been removed. They’ve finally been glued back together to form a blanket.

Obviously the blanket is useless, you couldn’t wrap yourself up in it and it wouldn’t give you any protection either. This work is about false assurances, we feel safe when we shut the wardrobe door before going to bed, pull the covers up when you hear a noise, or hide our faces with our hands when watching a scary film, all useless actions that none the less make us feel safe.

Fat Cell Boxes

These boxes are based on human fat cells and relate to the cosmetic industry and its use of packaging and display. Consisting of a series of boxes which sit inside one another, my work beautifies the subject matter, altering and enhancing the fat cell image. By removing the outer box lids the imagery gets stripped down to a basic form. The work is about manipulating the subject matter, to highlight how the cosmetic industry use fats in products that we apply to enhance our appearance.

Lung Tissue books

These books were developed to resemble the lungs. I used white card for the pages which where individually cut and pricked with a pin. It has no words or pictures and was designed to be viewed in a splayed position to be seen as a whole, becoming an object that folds away as a book.


I’m really struggling with the descriptions. I’ve managed to write a few of them but I’ve got so many more to do.

Artist Statement

My art practice is based in print, installation work and bookmaking. I usually work with paper, making books from it, printing on it, constructing with it, and recycling old paper to make new.

My work is generally based upon repetition and I focus my ideas on patterns and shapes found within the human body. I’m interested in human life, who we are, physically and emotionally, from how the body is structured to our characteristics and qualities. My obsessive nature compels me to work in multiples and I use it to illustrate how the body repeats functions in order to repair renew and survive, often mimicking life, growth and regeneration. My work is about the processes involved along the way rather than the finished product.


Cells are a series of relief printed pieces about losing your identity when being part of a group. Each piece differs in colour, shape and size but the same printing plates were used in their production, giving them a common DNA. Often we place people into groups of nationality, colour of their skin, male or female etc, often having preconceived ideas of a person before we know them.

Cumulus Cells

‘Cumulus Cells’ were originally part of a larger installation for my degree show. Based on blood cells and made from cartridge paper I simplified the cell to a very basic form, stripping it of its colour and aesthetic beauty so that the multitude would be initially noticed. Each cell was constructed from the same basic design and yet over the months I spent creating them the clouds differed not just in the shape the cells formed together but the cells individual shapes too.


‘Growth’ is about the miracle of life. Taken from screen-prints and re-ordered to suggest the cells pushing up from the centre as they grow in number, with each cell developing as it reaches the outer edge of the image. This was an experiment to see if I could show the movement of the cells developing.


I’ve been writing descriptions of my work for the show. It’s more difficult than I thought it would be. I was used to talking about my work when I was on the degree course, but I’ve got out of the habit. Anyway I’m getting there.


I spent a day with Alison last week working out how to best show my work. There were some issues about fire regulations because my work is made of paper, but I think it’ll all be alright. More work than I thought would be shown has been selected, so that’s good. I’ve just got to finish spraying the work with the fire screen and I need to frame a few pieces. I’m going to be showing almost everything I’ve got, the cumulus cells are going to hang under the stairs and hopefully I’ll be able to hang my pods up somewhere as well. A lot of my 3D and book work is going to be shown in glass cabinets and so far I’ve got 12 framed pieces to hang as well. I’m hoping to frame my security blanket but it might cost to much.