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I’m back in the foundry; an environment I feel most at home in. I don’t know what it is about the foundry that I’m drawn to; the heat, the possibility of danger, the process, the fact that it is associated and has a male domineering presence. This is an interesting aspect to think about and discuss and happens to link in with my research ideas and proposal for a PhD. The role of women in the foundry and women in sculpture as a whole ignites and has a key influence on my practice as a female sculptor. It’s strange when I say that I’m a sculptor because artists feel a burden when they have to put a name on their practice i.e. a painter or a ceramicist. I always find myself returning to traditional sculptural techniques and processes, the making absorbs the work.

Again the element of surprise and the unknown outcome becomes apart of the casting process. I decided to play around with the mummified hot dog sausages, producing a vinyl (hot rubber) mould of them. The detail of the creases and wrinkles were captured. It’s always a parculiar process turning an object into a wax replica but the process of mould making and the mould making itself is the part that excites me.