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During the term I have had discussions with both my tutors and peers about my work and how process is a crucial element in the making of my work. Therefore I felt the need to film some of my work as I was making and the transformation of material during its transition of stages over time. Whilst working with the bread dough, I realized how I was witnessing its transformation and movement of the materials but how would my audience? Was this even important or relevant to the work? Should the process become the work and not the finished piece? All these questions came to mind and are continuously questioned during and after the making stages and processes. After working with the expanding foam and how it engaged with the tights, the process of expansion was alluring due to the nature of the material. The foam changed the tights shape, size and form. I was draping the tights over objects that would guide the foam to form and hold its shape when hardened. The expanding foam has a very fleshy, soft tendency and portrays weight, however the work, if lifted or touched is light and hard. I filmed the process from the beginning when I released the expanding foam into the tights until the point when the foam stops oozing from the cavity. I have not yet had the chance to edit the video footage; my aim is to create a time lapse of what happened during the process. The question is whether the work is the aftermath and finished piece after the filming process or is the film the work? Is there a sculptural performance happening?