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Yesterday I found myself filming the process of my work; continuously recording me in a space engaging and surrounded by my work. I was playing with how the work can interact with one another and the surrounded space; manipulating their positions and functions in a new environment. Process had always become a focal point in my practice but had never thought of filming this for documentation. It was suggested to look at artists Ann Hamilton and Tatiana Trouve both of whom are known for their installation work. I soon realised how space orientated the work has become.

My studio space has developed into simply a storage area and sometimes a making area for objects, sculptural works and materials. This space is proving difficult to work in and develop ideas due to limitations of area. Therefore I propose to let the work visit other spaces and environments on a weekly basis; this will allow the work to breathe, some thinking space and enable me to spend time with my work on a one to one basis. There has always been a clear dialogue of engagement with me and my work; however I’m not entirely sure whether filming was the right format for documentation. The aim is to continue to explore these objects, sculptural forms and materials in a range of new spaces away from my studio environment, allowing both the work and the artist to develop a richer relationship.

The difficulty I face now is after watching the film footage back I realise how irrelevant the whole process was. The process aspect was working with organic materials that deserved that moment of capturing the process develop and unwind. Whereas the filming yesterday was purely me moving and rearranging objects and sculptural forms in a space. Was the filming necessary? The body is clearly apparent and important in my current work; however the body is read through the objects and forms and how they engage with a space and not by me as the artist being present. Installation and environments are areas that Judit Bodor suggested I research further due to the nature of the work. The relationships that these objects and sculptural forms with one another and the space, this can be documented but as still photographs and not using video footage.

This lead me to the clear confusion of the presence of the body in my work. The body is a strong influence on the work; however this does not necessarily mean that the body or my body needs to be present. The peculiar suggestion is that, after my tutorial today with Judit Bodor and her saying about the playing with the work in a space and how it should have been photographed and not filmed; I had the same thought. So why didn’t I follow that instinct and use photography? The work is not performance, this is an area that I need to leave behind and continue to move forward. I need to continue leaving the studio space and environment and work in new spaces with the work. I need to develop my sculptural forms and use of industrial and domesticated objects and develop space and installation concepts.