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This week has led me to the realisation of how materials and the human form; in my tutorial with Judit we discussed what my exact context for the work is and the interests that engage the work. Is it the female body, distortion, extension or gender that I’m addressing? Could it be all four areas that I explore? I can see clearly how the female form is a focal point of contact for the work. I need to consider the relationship between objects – space – body; spending time in new spaces and environments with the work and documenting the process of movement. Is it me as (a live body) making a performance? Is it an installation of objects relating to the (absent) female body? Are the objects directly relateable to my body? Is it about the relationship between the viewers body to the objects? Is it a static artwork or an event? Is it an artwork to be looked at or to be inside? (Installation, tableau or a performance) I need to consider all these questions and analyse, objectivly clarify clarity and understanding of the artwork.

What materials do I consider? I was thinking reusing human hair, lard and soil; all natural and organic elements that need further exploration. How can I engage with these materials? Sculptural forms engaging with domestic and industrial objects is an area that I’m currently coinciding with. I’ve been experimenting with the sausage skins but am struggling with their purpose and how I can develop their use. Their aesthetic and appearance is alluring and the tubing form is of a female nature – similar to the tube forms I’m exploring in lead using surgical tubes. These forms are similar to the work of Eva Hesse, an artist that I somehow share connections and similarities with my work.

Another area that I’m hoping to explore further is the foam forms in bronze. Since I’ve been chasing the bronzes last week I’ve thought of continuing with the idea to cast more of these forms. The organic and raw nature of the forms can be manipulated prior to casting. The more I observe the bronzes, the more they resemble lumps of fat, that bulge and ooze on appearance. What’s interesting is the preserving of the foam using the bronze. The notion of transforming a soft object into a solid form has an interesting concept. Again, I invision these forms in multiples. Would they resemble lumps of fat?

What my main focus is now, is to continue developing and making work, testing and exploring new ideas; but also focus on space and how the work can and will sit in a space? Spend time in a space, moving the work around and photographing these changes and not using film. The process or performative elements are no longer relevant. It’s now about the sculptural forms, space and object and building installation works, also using found objects. Key words to focus the work; sculpture, form, object, space, installation, body, gender, documentation, organic, materials. Already I can see a shift in my work over the last few weeks, the focus on the making is now essential.