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Blurring the Boundaries: Subconscious Collaboration at The Roath Park Pub.

Last night was the first collaborative show by me and fellow CSAD student and friend Natalie Ramus at Roath Park Pub. We had a fantastic and supportive turnout; all came to explore and submerge themselves into our work in an unusual, abandoned and rustic room. The harsh red, half stripped wallpaper and rotting wood resembled a fleshy, phallic aesthetic on appearance. When we first came across the red room, we were instantly drawn to its bold, harsh context which was the inspiration for the RAMUS|EVANS photograph. ‘Blurring the Boundaries’ stemmed from our continuous dialogue in our studio spaces and subconscious connection through our work. This exhibition became a journey through the last few months of our time on the MFA course and formed relationship as female artists. Natalie comes from a more conceptual background whilst I focus on sculpture and installation. The processes used within our practices are very different from each other. Natalie is conceptually driven and works in a multi-disciplinary and sometimes performative way, whereas I am much more driven by process and engaging with juxtaposing both organic and industrial materials.

We included a range of media and work; sculptural forms, photography, objects, live audio of weekly conversations me and Natalie have in the studio space and a live one to one performance by Natalie which involved domestic objects and personal space behind a closed curtain. The aim was to achieve a journey of the unknown. The work was not labelled but cohesively feed off one another; creating dialogue between objects and materials. The evening allowed for us to curate a space that explored shared space and how our practices have informed and influenced one another. As female artists we are interested in defining space rather than occupying space; engaging in dialogue in relation to gender, body and form. Having a ‘one night only’ formed an exclusive taster of shared space and a collaborative show.

Untitled (Lard) 2016. lard, soil, grass, steel

Untitled (foam) 2016. foam, bungee ropes, meat hooks, steel, tarpaulin, halogen flood lights

Natalie Ramus. One to One performance. 2016