So… quick turnaround and off to Sockateer S! Sock A(10) now weighs 40g, packaging now 110g, due to the fact I have started to use a new jiffy bag, but enclosed the old one, in case Sophie decides to do some envelope archaeology at the end of the project.


Sock A(9) has arrived back from holiday up north with Sockateer J. The bones have been unearthed!

Now weighs 40g, packaging lost a little, now 39g.

I shall do something to it and pass back to Sockateer S asap!


Sock A(8) now weighs 38g

80g with packaging (Christmas card retained by sockateer E)

Sockateer E feels with all this added weight, Sock A needs a little comfort and protection, so has been given a padded sole.

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Happy New Socks everyone!

Here are the measurements for A7:

He now weighs a whopping 35g

with packaging now 87g

and if you stretch out his new festive innards, he measures 52cm!

I have to confess he got lost for a while there, and I feared having to explain how he’d been thrown out with wrapping paper and turkey carcass, but fortunately he turned up all cosy and safe tucked half way down the ironing basket that had been hurriedly hidden under the stairs on Christmas eve.

I shall transform him today, and take more photos, then send him on to Sockateer J.