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flicking through the pages of a glossy, clean, unbent magazine; there was an article talking about a show on in london. the works of Mel Bochner someone who i have been looking at in my work and i have used a lot in my sketchbook. great i though i’m heading home next week i can pop in and see the show.

in typical fashion, as we all do my mind starts racing i’m planning out my journey how i’m going to get there and how i intended making space i’m my time table so i could see it. i don’t even bother to get the the halfway point of the article; let alone the end. when it pops into my mind that i best double check if the show isn’t out of date.

i glance round the page, confident that it will be. after all it would appear to be a new magazine. i see the date the day looks good. my confidence is up. the month looks some what promising. then the year… ow the year, it’s at this point i’d love to be writing and saying my next post will be a review of the show. unfortunately i won’t be doing that. as the show was in 2012. yes that’s right the magazine i had been flicking through was 4 years out of date.

but on the plus side i got to see the article. took a photo of it.