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Jane finalised the look and lay out of the website, see below. Congruous is up 15 – 21 February and then will be archived available to be viewed for a while after. The website lay out makes our work feel very put together in the sense of group outcome, even though our topics are very different, the lay out of the website and the format of the film makes them all feel very similar. See the website below.

Reflection 19/02/21: The website has a gallery like feel to it, even though the work isn’t in an actual gallery, it carries the same professional approach.

The Art Station website Congruous

Reflection 18/02/21: The live website worked well, smoothly and clean. It was easy to navigate with a good relation to lay out of film first, followed by our individual descriptions and gifs of work. It was really exciting to see my work on a website among other artists artwork.


We sent Jane 10 still images of our work – she created moving gifs to have next to our names and bio as we couldn’t use a slide show of work – works a lot easier for the viewers to pause, sit and watch them roll through. See the stills below a screen recording of the gif that was also uploaded to Instagram.

Reflection 26/05/21: I was contacted by A-N to be part of their Degree Show Guide 2021, so I put forward a still from the selection above alongside 3 other images capturing the graduation of my work from them to now! Following the same themes of consumption, it was so exciting!!!


18/02/21: See the rough Instagram plan I had for the take over below – this didn’t fully go to plan due to the change of word count and being unable to post other Artists work directly onto the instagram but on the story (we were still unsure of the restrictions) – worked just as well as broke up the time between posts.

Instagram posts from my take over below, Jane uploaded them for us – they were received really well and had a good amount of interactions. 20/02/21: A comment on the whole reflection of this process is that it would’ve been good if we could have individually uploaded to The Art Stations Instagram ourselves, would’ve been able to have more of an engagement with the audience and viewers e.g. add polls to stories/possible questions.


Reflecting on our L6 meeting about the end of the exhibition, overall, the social media/technological aspect of the exhibition has been a lot harder to do compared to a normal exhibition in a gallery – there is more to do/acknowledge with a virtual exhibition at home. E.g. social media interactions, the physicality of editing the film, documenting the work in a way which is received as well as it could if it was in a gallery, making of the logo/poster. Besides all this it was really successful and very enjoyable. See notes below from our reflection meeting: 19/02/21

The communication/flow online through the team worked well, however it would’ve been easier if we could’ve been in a space together to help bounce ideas off each other about the film editing, situ and work itself. – I think we overcame these issues well/adapted to the online environment. There were many home obstacles which I would normally have to tackle if we were to have done this exhibition in an actual gallery. People in the space/home constantly due to COVID, was a challenge as there was never any quiet to film. Many films were taken where you could hear the cats meowing in the background, walking into chairs and the tripod – this was a stressful point to the documentation of the work but I managed to work around it! Time scale/management was also very tight, we didn’t have a lot of time to create and plan work for this exhibition but the less time we had the more it worked. Luckily I started to try placement in the space early on and realised I still needed an extra 40+ breasts to make the space more impactful – was good to keep it rolling/developing constantly.

!!!! This was a massively different experience to CUBED previously this year, it felt more intense and professional as it was with a website/gallery and a larger online presence! I have subconsciously continued this development of sculpture/projection from CUBED, further in my work – more bold/expressive way!


Group crit feedback on Congruous with L5 on 19/02/21 & reflection: see notes below.

The actual film editing side of this work was a new experience, it felt like a lot of pressure to work with everyone else’s work digitally as I was creating this final outcome, however, it was good for one person to work on the film to continue the visual flow of “being situated in the same home” – 19/02/21 group crit, to outside viewers. I think it successfully gave the viewers the feeling of them stepping into one home/witnessing 5 different works in that one situ. The home tour was a “clever construct” and gave this illusion of what everyone is going through with COVID using the space to our advantage!

  • !!!!!! Re-reflection after group crit – my thoughts: This development from the beginning of the film – darkness to light at the end of the film once you enter, creates imagery of how the homes have become this safe space for us all.

Theres this growth from outside/darkness (suspense) to light (comfort) in the domestic home. Reflection 19/02/21 group crit: the filming made the viewers feels as though they were interacting with the space and the work, felt like the artists POV film that wouldn’t normally be accessed in a gallery. A new clever way to document and share the work. And also stirred thoughts how different film documentation is to still imagery documentation, they create completely different auras. The stills give an up close detailed view, where as the film gives an over view of it all.