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It happened.

I can’t quite believe it.

I remember when I got the news that I had received the a-n bursary. I jumped into the living room where my husband was sat watchign tv and shouted “I got the bursary!”. His response was, “Well, you have to do the project now.”

Which was a good point! I had spent so long thinking about this project, planning what I would do if one day I had the time and money to do it, that I was almost past believing that it would actually happen. The best thing about getting this bursary, for me, was that it gave me the impetus to make it happen.

And happen it did. The show opened on 13 November, 2 days after the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. Lots of visitors, including the Mayor of Altrincham, attended the Private View. Over the ten days of the show being up, we had 300 visitors; which is not bad for a small town just south of Manchester. In the middle weekend there was a well attended event with the Imperial War Museum.

Feedback has been wonderful; it feels so good to have done this. I’m very proud of it and looking forward to exhibiting it again soon. Thank you, a-n, for helping make it happen.

Here are some installation pictures of the exhibition: