Things are back on track with The Altrincham Arts Festival after they had a meeting this week. The website has been updated, artists announced and their tweets are telling me that there are a lot of musicians and other performers involved. It’s all looking good.

In the meantime….. Next year’s Barnaby Festival has started the ball rolling on publicity for their events already.

I know the contracts I signed for both festivals have no mention on exclusivity of work, but I do feel really uncomfortable about showing the same work at both. I’d sent the same proposals to both, not really expecting to be accepted for either, so this has put me in an awkward position.

The festivals are 8 months and 15 miles apart so maybe they will have different audiences……? Oh well, I’ll just have to deal with it later. I know for sure that I am not producing new work.

More pressing matters are that I’ve made arrangements with the Chapel Gallery to meet with them next Tuesday to discuss the layout of my Balloon installation. I’ll also take half of them across with me so that they are out of my way. There’s evidence of them all over the house – from pieces drying on the window ledges, bits of paper on the floor and stuck down the furniture, to the many boxes that are starting to pile high. I will be glad to get this one completed.


I think I’ll avoid the ‘…and what did you do over the weekend’ questions tomorrow if I can. I did the usual….. cutting, folding and gluing paper. Nothing exciting to report.

I am well on track though – which is good, considering I didn’t work continuously. I should safely be able to have my 5 day break, coming up at the end of next week, completely work free.

Beyond that though, I’m starting to get a little apprehensive about the Altrincham Arts Festival which opens next month. When the work I submitted (work already completed) was accepted, I was initially quite excited over the prospect of showing there. I haven’t seen any publicity for it though and the website hasn’t been updated since they asked for submissions a few months ago : http://altrinchamartsfestival.co.uk/ This doesn’t bode well.

I did have thoughts about pulling out, but I’ll hang on till the end of the week to see if there’s any update. It is quite worrying.