Sometime late afternoon today, I’d reached a point where I just wanted to tip the contents of all my boxes on the floor ,leave them in a tangled mess and go home.

I was so tired and agitated… sick of people staring at me through the window…determined not to look up when two teenage boys were singing ‘all by myself’ louder and louder, trying to catch my attention…. and ignoring spoilt kids who kicked the window because they wanted to come in to see the planes…

Yep – I suppose the ‘all by myself’ thing was pretty apt and I admit, It must have looked strange to an ‘outsider’ to see a grown woman ‘playing’ with planes, ships and houses for over 5 hours!

I need some helpers if I’m going to do an installation of this size again.

I’d left a gap through the middle of the installation so that I could still get to the light switch and the storage area at the back, but I wasn’t sure if broke the installation up too much. In retrospect, I could have set out a pathway down the side somehow, but I think I’d got to the point where I just couldn’t think straight.

I am off work tomorrow, but i think I’ll stay at home and have a ‘proper’ day off so that I can get my thoughts together again. I’m then in work for two days, but I’ve made plans to be back in the unit Saturday and Sunday for a couple of hours.

Really, I’d prefer to just leave the installation so that people can view it through the window, but when I set out the planes last month, I suddenly found that images of my work were appearing on flickr under ‘Biennial images’. It was hugely flattering, but I think that if they are going to take photos, I would like them to get the best angles!