My whole method of working has had to be rethought because of an unexpected problem……I took on a rescue dog. I have a dog already and I thought it would be good for her to have company while I’m working so much. My ‘old’ dog has learnt to walk around the scraps of paper on the floor and ignore anything I leave out to dry. I assumed then, that this new dog would be the same.

Finding a stack of newly cut out shapes chewed to a pulp behind the settee, was the first indication that there might be a problem.

I am trying to stay calm

I’m getting a bit nervous about my shoe installation that will go into the recycling exhibition (De Junk, Re junk) at the Williamson next week. Because of my ‘little problem’, I’ve had to put away and store each paper shoe almost as soon as it has dried. This means that I haven’t had to chance to spread everything out to see what it will look like. It’s an additional worry, as I can’t install the work on Tuesday with everyone else – I’ve taken a few days leave for the week after so that I can run some workshops and begin to install the church installation, so I don’t have any days spare. I will have to go on the Friday morning (before the PV!) and hope that I get it right first time.

On top of all this………..I can’t think of a title and I’m under pressure to send all my info off in the next couple of days. I just feel totally disorganised and kind of helpless …..and part of me is thinking that I desperately want to go freelance so that I have more flexibility with my time, while another part thinks ‘I chose to live like this – get on with it!’