Starting to hang the Church Installation

I wasn’t so concerned about actually hanging the starflies, it was working out a pulley system that was the main worry. I was trying to work out how to string the fishing wire across the back of the church and securing it without doing any damage. It was to some vast relief then that I found that someone in the distant past, had put up some hooks to secure a light rope across the seating on the balcony. I was able to take the hooks out and replace them with eyelets that I had bought specially. It was then a case of me and 3 helpers attaching the fishing wire to a ball and throwing it across the church to each other to enable us to attach the wire. Ingenious – though I say so myself!

I felt a little awkward doing the rest as I didn’t need any help stringing up the starflies to the fishing wire, so everyone was just standing around watching….and taking photos.

So for today, I just put up 3 strands – enough to get an idea of the spacing, so that I can carry on doing them at home and let everyone else go off to enjoy their afternoon.

It was nice for me to have a bit of a break too. I spent about an hour sorting through all the bits of paper and collecting the remaining stars to place them between the pages of heavy books to flatten them out. My work space is now a little clearer, which makes me feel calm : )

A huge amount of work has gone into all of this, but I do feel that we’ve broken the back of it and I can now, finally, start relaxing a little.

…. Not before sending off some of the images to the local paper, as requested. (They’ll do a piece on it next week) …. and trying to figure out mailchimp to do a mail out. Sigh