Walking down country lanes and across fields on a sunny day is my idea of great research for my installation.

With a treasure hunt map scribbled on paper, unable to print off the website, I followed best I could across a farmers field (sorry for climbing over your fence!) to find indentations in the ground, which were left by 1944 Liberator air crash.

Even 70 years later, I was hoping to find a scrap of metal, or some remnant of what had happened. Everything had been stripped years ago though.

I took lots of photographs and studied map symbols and thought a lot about what had happened.

With a weekend off and fairly good weather forecast, I’ve got a stack of things to get on with now.

….This includes going off on a tangent and making a pile of paper boots for the Barnaby Festival later in the year. I had a call in the week from the organisors, asking for images of the work so that they can add them to the website.

hmmm..I hadn’t actually started them yet :/