I’ve just come back from the studio, having primed  several different items I’m working on. It is considerably warmer today, but not enough for the paint to dry quickly, so I couldn’t start on the top coat.  It’s frustrating, but at least I can move on to the smaller sections of the installation that I’ve been working on, at home.

I’ve had three more wooden houses made by one of the art handlers, so I’m really eager to get on with it.

Although it’s annoying (for want of a better word) to go off and do paid work 5 days a week, I find that I’m using those days for ‘thinking time’ and I’m suddenly finding myself in a  rare position of having a spate of ideas.

Keen to start the ball rolling on a public art work I’ve been thinking about, I wrote to a local councillor to find out best person to speak to about getting planning permission for my idea.  No response.  Not even an acknowledgement.  So 5 days later I tried councillor No 2. A better response, even if it was ‘try this person…’.

I’m still waiting.

Its not even money I’m asking for – its just finding out how to go about things in the correct manner. But anyway,  I see this as a longer term idea.  I’ll need permission, then I‘ll need to cost out a budget …and then apply for funding etc etc.  It’s not going to happen this year.